What is a "Lost Battle?" What does it mean to the addicted? What does it mean to the betrayed? How can we even talk about it? Can we process a lost battle? Totally sucks, and we chose to talk about it.


1:44 - Clark - Welcome and intro
3:41 - Linda’s thoughts
7:31 - Linda’s reaction to the lost battle
9:46 - Conflicting feelings - want to be supportive, but can’t minimize how much it hurts
14:21 - If his addiction has nothing to do with me then why does it affect me so much?
15:50 - A mom’s reaction vs a wife’s
19:24 - Can trust be regained?
29:36 - Clark shares what happened
43:26 - Clark shares Linda reaction from his point of view
45:40 - What to do after?
Lost battle analysis.
Embrace Change
Get Help that’s not your wife
54:24 - What I’ve learned - Buckle up. You’re in for some rough times
55:14 - Just because you’re on the same team doesn’t mean you won’t fight
56:56 - A lot battle doesn’t reset your relationship to ground zero. It puts you in a hole that’s worse than before and you have to dig out.
1:05:02 - What to do in your relationship
1:05:59 - Be patient
1:14:42 - Don’t give up. You WILL feel rejected for a while, but don’t stop reaching out and being nice.

HOMEWORK (1:20:52)

For the addicted: Read through lost battle analysis, even if you haven't lost a battle. (Lost battle analysis can be found in the book linked below)
For the betrayed: Get some self care, maybe a good boxing workout!

*A Lost Battle - is described more in the Like Dragons Did They Fight book by Maurice Harker who founded the Men of Moroni Program as well as Life Changing Services. Check them out HERE to learn more and get support. If you are the once betrayed or currently betrayed, you WANT to hear Maurice, he is so validating.


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