5 sisters who were first connected through their experience with betrayal trauma, gather together in person for the first time after almost a year of first meeting through a online support group, to strengthen each other. Sharing your story is so hard, and Linda was hesitant to share her story too, these sisters were part of her very first "group," and she instantly bonded with them and they are now closer than friends, they are sisters. Take notes, as these sisters share what they have learned in their journey through courageously reaching out to others.

We were all connected through the WORTH Program from Life Changing Services. Visit to find your own group (no we aren't getting paid to say this, we just love the program so much!): https://lifechangingservices.online/worth/

Please remember we got together on our own, this retreat/gathering/training camp was and is not part of the WORTH program, but was amazingly healing.


  • 1st Topic: 3:15 - What does isolation look and feel like?
  • 9:25 - Sitting in a Rowboat Throwing Marbles at a Battleship Analogy.
  • 9:55 - SA Lifeline & Rhyll Croshaw
  • 10:00 - Boundaries
  • 10:40 - What does your first step look like?
  • 12:35 - When you isolate you’re not holding it all, it leaks out in other ways in your life.
  • 2nd Topic: 13:32 - The Miracle of stepping out of isolation.
  • 14:24 - How do we reach for the Savior, how do we reach for His help? We do it by reaching to others! When we go to others for help we are inviting miracles into our lives.
  • 16:16 - We are wired for connection.
  • 20:06 - Group Polos (Marco Polo App) can be a safe place! All of us have cried on a group Polo from our closets.
  • 23:30 - Seek healing, take action for yourself!
  • 25:20 - We expect people to notice we are struggling, but it’s our job to use our agency to act and speak up and say we are struggling.
  • 3rd Topic: 27:49 How do you gauge who is a safe person to talk to?
  • 28:06 - Is this person able to keep confidences? Does their reaction to vulnerable stories make you feel like you’d be safe with them? Do they have a personal investment in the outcome? Ask the Lord to help you know who you could reach out to.
  • 31:30 - When we tell our story we tell part of our spouse's story too and we might feel like we can’t or shouldn’t do that, but it is 100% necessary to share our story, our story matters.
  • 31:15 - Everyone has their own path.
  • 34:10 - This process will help you know who you really are.
  • 35:40 - We have the Savior
  • 4th Topic: 36:05 - How to know what support group you need?
  • 42:25 - Only Heavenly Father knows how much and who we need on this journey.
  • 42:40 - Try out different groups, until you find the right fit.
  • 43:26 - Different support groups: SA Lifeline, ARP, Healing Through Christ, Bloom for Women, etc...
  • 53:30 - We love our Therapist!
  • 54:36 - It takes soooooo much courage.
  • 58:50 - There is power in telling and hearing stories.
  • 59:50 - Our newest Sister to "D" Day who found support!


Reach out and get support! Get out of isolation.


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