Clark (with 185 days of sobriety) talks about what has helped him the most this time around in his recovery from addiction to pornography. In this Ep. 5, he talks about countless broken promises to self, consuming thoughts of despair including, depression and thoughts of suicide.

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  • 2:30: Broken promises to self.
  • 4:03: What's helped the most is a greater recognition of Satan.
  • 4:38: How do you win a battle against yourself?
  • 5:25: I am a good person, at least I am trying to be.
  • 7:00: What got me started in the Men of Moroni Program
  • 7:38: Like Dragons Did They Fight Book Excerpt -
  • 9:23: "You catch yourself doing things to get others to leave you alone."
  • 15:40: I own that those were my choices.
  • 16:15: Thoughts of despair including, depression and suicide.


Identify your personal "negative self-talk," or whispers from the adversary, the thoughts that plague you, that are not the words Christ would say to you, then share those with your spouse. As you identify and voice those you'll be able to fight back when those thoughts arise again. Also, can you notice any similarities?


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